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On Labor Day weekend, 2007, I brought home two cute 3-month old female Devon Rex kittens. Tanya (TAN-ya) and Chanel. This was my first time living with cats, so I prepared with books for dummies and how-to manuals. During my readings, I came across books and websites about toilet training. Yes, you teach your cat to use the toilet! I was intrigued and read multiple strategies to train my kitties to poop in the commode. The process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to a year!! It was still early, and all sources advised to wait until 6 months of age.

So I waited. In the mean time, I learned how annoying litter can be. I got the automatic LitterMaid Elite Mega Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box which scoops the poop every time the kitties go. I got it lightly used from a posting. It was worth the money and I didn't become too much of a slave to the litter box. Even though I didn't have the burden of all day scooping, I started noticing that litter traveled. I saw little litter granules beyond the laundry room (original location of the litter box). I 'd see it track out from the laundry room door and occasionally see a granule or two on the kitchen floor or on the couch. I know cats are clean animals, but litter granules on the couch can't be very sanitary.

So, as they started pushing their 6th month of life (Tanya was 6 months, Chanel was 5 1/2 months), I decided to start their training to use the toilet. I love my kitties, but I hate the litter. They are super smart, so I think they will pick it up quickly.

I'm writing this blog on Tanya, Chanel, and the Toilet so you can keep up with their (and my) daily progress (or lack thereof). I am by no means an expert. But you can see pictures and watch the brief videos that chronicle their status and the methods I've used.

You can start from Day 1 by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

July 8, 2008: New City, New Toilet

We made the move! We drove from North Carolina to Boston.

I am really impressed by how well Tanya & Chanel got accustomed to the new toilet! We had one night stay at a hotel in South Jersey and I gave them a make-shift litter box (they only used it for #1).
At first I was nervous because they didn't use the bathroom at all for the first day once we arrived at the new apt. Maybe they were to preoccupied by the new place. I put the Litter Kwitter with the Green disk on the toilet--no changes-- and made sure they saw it. It took about a day for them to go #1 and almost 3 days total for them to go #2!

Now, they seem to be doing okay! So cats CAN shift to a new toilet!!
I hope they keep it up because they will be moving 2 more times before we are finally settled in NYC in September!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

South Jersey???!!! You should have stayed with us! Where in SJ were you?? I'm glad your move went really well. Boston is a great city. I'm from Massachusetts actually- from Western Mass though.


Melissa said...

i've been reading your blog for a few days now (it's pretty lengthy!) because i'm toilet training my new kitten, Lillee, and i'm comparing her progress to other cats i read about online. I bought a citikitty, and we're one stage away from being finished. She's only five pounds though, still pretty small. Did your cats' size affect their progress?

meemsnyc said...

Oh wow, they were using the toilet! They are so smart.

Veronica (& Fig) said...

Hi! nice job!
That sounds like fun, boston and then NYC.. :) I wish I lived somewhether other than the boring midwest!

Your cats are doing fantastic. Fig and Veronica are STILL on the red disk. I hate to move them now because I am actually at work all day for the next few weeks, can't work from home since my laptop broke.

At this rate they will be on NO DISK so soon!


Cat Urine Odor Removal said...

brilliant idea to toilet train kittens! no more litter boxes!

Olyvia said...

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